UK consumer perceptions of a novel till-receipt ‘traffic-light’ nutrition system

Matthew Cole, Hayden Peek, Daniel Cowen

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Front-of-pack (FoP) traffic light nutrition labelling has been widely proposed as a tool to improve public health nutrition. Current evidence suggests that whilst consumers generally find them to be useful and an important source of information about a particular food or ingredient, this may have limited value in isolation when considering a person’s overall nutritional intake. This study sought to examine UK consumers’ use of existing FoP traffic light food labelling and ascertain public perception of a novel ‘till-receipt’ summary providing nutritional information about consumers entire shopping purchases. In total, 237 respondents completed an online questionnaire between May and June 2016. Almost two-thirds were female (n = 152, 64.1%) and the largest proportion of responses were received from those aged 25–32 years (n = 53, 22.4%) and 41–50 years (n = 53, 22.4%). About 83.5% of respondents suggested that they currently use traffic light information to inform their food purchases and ‘health’ was reported as the most important factor influencing food choice (42.2%; n = 100). Notably, 54.4% of respondents indicated that the novel till-receipt system could provide a solution to the potential limitations of existing FoP labelling and could help inform healthier food purchases. Our findings strengthen the existing evidence base to suggest that traffic light information is a useful tool to aid consumer food purchases. Moreover, our outcomes propose that consumers may benefit from a new receipt-based traffic light system which provides a more holistic summary of their entire food purchases.
Original languageEnglish
JournalHealth Promotion International
Publication statusPublished - 26 Mar 2018
Externally publishedYes


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