The Mental Skills of Golf Champions

John Pates

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Do you want to play better golf? Have you ever wondered why champion golfers play better golf than the average club player? Yes physical skills are part of the story but the main reason that champions play better is that they have mastered the mental skills that allow them to play their best game regularly.

It’s simple, if you want to play like a champion you have to think like a champion.

You can learn how to play your best golf game regularly with the help of ‘The Mental Skills of Golf Champions’ by Dr John Pates. Dr John has worked with top golfers including three major winners and seven Ryder Cup players.

You need to know how to:
•Get into the zone.
•Control your mind.
•Increase your confidence.
•Think the way that champions think.
•Set goals and improve your game.
•Use imagery the way the top players do.
•Talk the right way to achieve and maintain success.
•Concentrate under pressure.

All that and much more is available to you in ‘The Mental Skills of Golf Champions’ by Dr John Pates. It’s a guide and workbook that will show you how to analyze your current mindset and develop the skills that let you be a champion.

Just imagine how your overall game will improve once you learn how to play your best game all the time.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherEx-L-Ence Publishing
Number of pages166
Publication statusPublished - 24 Nov 2011
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