Has Public Opinion of Equestrian Sport Changed Since 2020?

H Davies, M. A. Donovan, R. L. Elton, M. L. Rossi, Lorna Cameron

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Social license to operate ( is the unofficial agreement between the public and an organisation that an activity is considered acceptable to continue operating ( 2014 Demuijnck Fasterling 2016
Equine welfare in sport is a societal concern due to increasing social media coverage of equestrianism
Equestrian sport may be at risk of losing its SLO and right to self govern if there is widespread public outrage
This enquiry has aimed to identify any change in public opinion of equestrian sports since 2020
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2024
EventHorses Inside Out Conference 2024 -
Duration: 17 Feb 202418 Feb 2024


ConferenceHorses Inside Out Conference 2024


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