Coming together, the Achievement Success Centre, does the name fit?

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Academic support consists of additional learning sessions for all students on study and academic skill development. The "Learning Gain" project was
run over two academic years (2017-2019) to try and gain an insight into the efficacy of the academic support provided within ASC. A mixed-methods
approach was taken using student feedback to provide insight into how they viewed the sessions and attendance, achievement, self-esteem and
self-confidence recorded quantitatively. 1656 students (n=1656) attended 2226 ASC sessions. Attendance at an ASC session significantly increased
achievement (p<0.001) and attendance at two or more sessions increased achievement 7.5% as did academic confidence by 8% and mind-set
(41%) (p<0.001). 45% of students commented sessions were "excellent" they should stay "just as they are"; no students reported negatively about
the sessions in the open questions. Students identified the sessions being "interactive", providing "practical tips", "group discussions" and "quizzes"
and reflection on their attendance and learning benefit as positive learning experiences. The results suggest that ASC attendance can improve
grades, academic confidence and encourage reflection and engagement in their learning.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2020
EventBERA Annual Conference 2020 -
Duration: 8 Sept 202010 Sept 2020


ConferenceBERA Annual Conference 2020


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