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Ripple Effects Mapping (driven by James Nobles at Leeds Beckett University) is a popular evaluation method that aims to capture impacts and ripples of these impacts and outcomes over time. REM helps stakeholders surface the outcomes they are seeing in their work and to consider what else develops (or ripples) from these outcomes. This is valuable for partnerships such as Active Essex who are passionate about explicitly mapping their outcomes and considering the contribution these outcomes make towards changes in the system.

Recent discussions and workshops with Dr James Nobles (main driver of REM internationally) and other stakeholders have identified a unique opportunity to explore the combining of Realist Evaluation with REM. Fusing the two gives an opportunity to map outcomes in participatory environments and to use realist insight to unearth the explanation behind these outcomes.

On this backdrop we would like to propose a new research and knowledge exchange relationship with Active Essex to mobilise an innovative Realist Ripple Effects Mapping (RREM) evaluation. Whilst the programmes / areas of focus are to be agreed we would suggest an RREM deep dive into the areas of Youth Justice and Asset Based community development (ABCD).
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