ISAE EDIA Membership Survey

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The aims of the survey are to determine:
What is the demographic profile of the membership for the International Society of Applied Ethology?
Who are the under-represented groups within ISAE membership?
What are the needs of members to engage in and access resources/activities offered by the Society?
What activity should the Society prioritise to facilitate an inclusive community?
What proportion of the demographic disclose multiple intersections?

Layman's description

The Equity Diversity Inclusivity and Accessibility committee was created in July 2021, aiming to provide guidance to the International Society of Applied Ethology Council. To better serve ISAE membership, the committee undertook to quantify diversity within the membership population. This questionnaire will be sent to all members and includes questions designed to understand also what the Society could be doing to better support minority groups. We aim to run the questionnaire every two years.

Key findings

TBC - potential publication in Applied Animal Behaviour Science at a later date
Effective start/end date2/5/228/5/23


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