Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

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First year undergraduate module Personal Management Development. In teams raising a set amount £ by several onsite campus charity events in aid of GWAAC in semester 2. Working closely with the charity to ensure synergy of values between GWAAC and Hartpury.

Layman's description

Semester 1 is spent analysing a wide range of contemporary leadership and team building theories and models which when students are put into project teams (semester 2), utilise this knowledge in creating High Performance Teams able to achieve the charity £target.

Key findings

The appreciation and level of understanding students gain as to how these models and theories work in a real situation and how they would be used in a work situation post university (employability). Module of this design now in it's fifth year of delivery and with ongoing amendments has proved highly successful.
Short titlePMD Projects
Effective start/end date1/9/17 → …


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