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Dr. Adrian Barnett is a senior lecturer in Zoology, with an interest in animal-plant interactions and predation and conservation.

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I work mostly on animal-plant interactions and how information on these might be used in field and captive conservation programmes. I’ve worked mostly in the tropics, with a lot of time spent in the Andes of Ecuador and the Amazonian Brazil (especially seasonally-flooded forests). Here I’ve worked on a variety of groups including bats, birds, monkeys, rodents, freshwater dolphins, river turtles, otters and fish, as well as such invertebrate groups as butterflies, beetles and wasps.


I am interested in what determines what animals choose to eat, as well as when and how. This includes how the presence of infesting insects influences such choices, as well as the shape, form and abundance of fruits, and the role of predator avoidance. Other topics I find intriguing include: primate sleeping sites (how they get chosen and the role of predator avoidance in that); pseudopredators (lots of species look like predators, but aren’t – how do potential prey species learn to tell them apart); strategies for high-reward but risky prey (how do animals find the balance when deciding to attack snakes or raid wasp nests); nectar thievery (not all apparent pollinators play by the rules – how do plants adjust flower shapes, numbers and reward profiles in ways that attract valid pollinators, but discourage nectar/pollen thieves). I also have interests in modelling habitat choice and distribution and how this might be altered under various climate change scenarios.


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  • Beans with bugs: Covert carnivory and infested seed selection by the red‐nosed cuxiú monkey

    Barnett, A., Bezerra, B. M., de Oliveira, T. G., Matte, A. L., Muir, J., Norconk, M. A., Boyle, S. A., Gregory, T., dos Santos-Barnett, T. C. & Tománek, P., 1 May 2023, In: Biotropica. 55, 3, p. 579-593 15 p.

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  • When food fights back: Cebid primate strategies of larval paper wasp predation and the high‐energy yield of high‐risk foraging

    Barnett, A. A., Stone, A. I., Shaw, P., Ronchi‐Teles, B., dos Santos‐Barnett, T., Pimenta, N. C., Kinap, N. M., Spironello, W. R., Bitencourt, A., Penhorwood, G., Umeed, R. N., de Oliveira, T. G., Bezerra, B. M., Boyle, S. A., Ross, C. & Wenzel, J. W., Jun 2023, In: Austral Ecology. 48, 4, p. 719-742 24 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal Articlepeer-review

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  • AMAZONIA CAMTRAP: A data set of mammal, bird, and reptile species recorded with camera traps in the Amazon forest

    Antunes, A. C., Montanarin, A., Gräbin, D. M., dos Santos Monteiro, E. C., de Pinho, F. F., Alvarenga, G. C., Ahumada, J., Wallace, R. B., Ramalho, E. E., Barnett, A. P. A., Bager, A., Lopes, A. M. C., Keuroghlian, A., Giroux, A., Herrera, A. M., de Almeida Correa, A. P., Meiga, A. Y., de Almeida Jácomo, A. T., de Barros Barban, A. & Antunes, A. & 139 others, de Almeida Coelho, A. G., Camilo, A. R., Nunes, A. V., dos Santos Maroclo Gomes, A. C., da Silva Zanzini, A. C., Castro, A. B., Desbiez, A. L. J., Figueiredo, A., de Thoisy, B., Gauzens, B., Oliveira, B. T., de Lima, C. A., Peres, C. A., Durigan, C. C., Brocardo, C. R., da Rosa, C. A., Zárate-Castañeda, C., Monteza-Moreno, C. M., Carnicer, C., Trinca, C. T., Polli, D. J., da Silva Ferraz, D., Lane, D. F., da Rocha, D. G., Barcelos, D. C., Auz, D., Rosa, D. C. P., Silva, D. A., Silvério, D. V., Eaton, D. P., Nakano-Oliveira, E., Venticinque, E., Junior, E. C., Mendonça, E. N., Vieira, E. M., Isasi-Catalá, E., Fischer, E., Castro, E. P., Oliveira, E. G., de Melo, F. R., de Lima Muniz, F., Rohe, F., Baccaro, F. B., Michalski, F., Paim, F. P., Santos, F., Anaguano, F., Palmeira, F. B. L., da Silva Reis, F., Aguiar-Silva, F. H., de Avila Batista, G., Zapata-Ríos, G., Forero-Medina, G., Neto, G. D. S. F., Alves, G. B., Ayala, G., Pedersoli, G. H. P., El Bizri, H. R., do Prado, H. A., Mozerle, H. B., Costa, H. C. M., Lima, I. J., Palacios, J., de Resende Assis, J., Boubli, J. P., Metzger, J. P., Teixeira, J. V., Miranda, J. M. D., Polisar, J., Salvador, J., Borges-Almeida, K., Didier, K., de Lima Pereira, K. D., Torralvo, K., Gajapersad, K., Silveira, L., Maioli, L. U., Maracahipes-Santos, L., Valenzuela, L., Benavalli, L., Fletcher, L., Paolucci, L. N., Zanzini, L. P., da Silva, L. Z., Rodrigues, L. C. R., Benchimol, M., Oliveira, M. A., Lima, M., da Silva, M. B., dos Santos Junior, M. A., Viscarra, M., Cohn-Haft, M., Abrahams, M. I., Benedetti, M. A., Marmontel, M., Hirt, M. R., Tôrres, N. M., Junior, O. F. C., Alvarez-Loayza, P., Jansen, P., Prist, P. R., Brando, P. M., Perônico, P. B., do Nascimento Leite, R., Rabelo, R. M., Sollmann, R., Beltrão-Mendes, R., Ferreira, R. A. F., Coutinho, R., da Costa Oliveira, R., Ilha, R., Hilário, R. R., Pires, R. A. P., Sampaio, R., da Silva Moreira, R., Botero-Arias, R., Martinez, R. V., de Albuquerque Nóbrega, R. A., Fadini, R. F., Morato, R. G., Carneiro, R. L., Almeida, R. P. S., Ramos, R. M., Schaub, R., Dornas, R., Cueva, R., Rolim, S., Laurindo, S., Espinosa, S., Fernandes, T. N., Sanaiotti, T. M., Alvim, T. H. G., Dornas, T. T., Piña, T. E. N., Caetano Andrade, V. L., Santiago, W. T. V., Magnusson, W. E., Campos, Z. & Ribeiro, M. C., 13 Sept 2022, In: Ecology. n/a, n/a, p. e3738

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  • Biotic Indicators for Ecological State Change in Amazonian Floodplains

    Bibiana Correa, S., van der Sleen, P., Siddiqui, S. F., Bogota-Gregory, J. D., Arantes, C. C., Barnett, A., Couto, T. B. A., Goulding, M. & Anderson, E. P., 1 Aug 2022, In: BioScience. 72, 8, p. 753-768 16 p.

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