Young equestrian entrepreneur’s dream to inspire as diversity work continues

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H&H interview following NEF

Period20 Apr 2022

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleYoung equestrian entrepreneur’s dream to inspire as diversity work continues
    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionLinda Greening, head of inclusivity at Hartpury University, spoke on diversity in relation to the staffing crisis at the National Equine Forum (3 March) as part of her aim to “keep inclusivity on the agenda”.

    She told H&H of recent developments, including British Equestrian’s (BEF) programme for coaches in urban riding schools and its invitation to tender for research to help “understand the barriers to making equestrian activity more inclusive and representative of the UK population”.

    She added that joint work between land-based colleges to encourage people from under-represented communities into the industry had stalled somewhat owing to a Government change in focus to outreach teams going into schools, and efforts to maintain momentum are ongoing.

    Miss Greening agreed raising awareness of the range of jobs in the industry, as well as riding, is key, adding that she has tendered for some research on increasing diversity in equestrian post-graduate studies, for example.

    “There’s definitely movement and momentum,” she said. “Everyone is mobilising, which is really good, and we’ve got to keep it on the agenda so people keep talking about it.”

    Miss Greening added that the industry has to be a welcome place for all in it.
    PersonsLinda Greening