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Linda Greening, Head of Inclusivity at Hartpury University said: “When we committed to being inclusive in all we do as one of the three priorities in the Hartpury 2025 strategy, we began a journey of cultural transformation.

“The EDI Celebration Week provides a platform to explore, educate, and engage with a host of inclusivity-related topics. Over the last three years, I’ve always delivered a session during the Inclusivity Symposium that offer updates on inclusivity at Hartpury, and each year we go from strength to strength. One of the key updates from last year was the installation of ‘safe spaces’ on campus that provide benefit to students, staff, and visitors alike.

With thanks to those who were involved in organising or delivering and to those who took part in our EDI Celebration Week, I'm so proud of all staff and students who've got involved and embraced the topics. I’m looking forward to next year’s celebratory events already.”

Period24 Feb 2023

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Media coverage