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Period2 Aug 2017

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Media contributions

  • Title Organising a student conference
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    Description​When I started my PhD (NERC CENTA funded) my cohort were asked if anyone would be interested in organising a student conference, which was to become an annual event as part of our training program. I – somewhat short-sightedly – immediately raised my hand in eager anticipation of CV and experience building opportunities. However, I was somewhat surprised to find everyone else a little slow off the mark, and at the time put it down to people being a bit shy. I don’t want to put anyone off before reading on, but later I discovered that their lack of enthusiasm was probably driven by foresight and not nerves. Either way, at the time I thought it was a great idea and having persuaded two other recruits to join me, set about making plans for our student conference.
    Written by Lucy
    What follows is an account of my experience organising a student conference and some tips and advice as to what to prioritise and avoid, and most importantly was it worth it? By no means is this an exhaustive guide to planning and organising the perfect conference, as this will differ markedly based on what type of conference you are taking on: national, international, student led, multiple day, single day, low budget etc. Our conference was to be student-focused, with a relatively small budget (< £3,000), had to include participation from all students within our cohort (around 20), and the rest was really left to our own imagination.
    PersonsLucy Garrett